Shifting Boundaries (2020)

Shifting Boundaries
Online exhibition, curatorial residency with The AntiMA Brighton
The AntiMA Brighton, Brighton UK
20 September – 20 October 2020

Shifting Boundaries is conceived as an online meeting space where we explore what it means to trust and step out of one’s threshold. Conceptualised during the Covid-19 lockdown, this gathering space coordinates our return to one another and to shared spaces. Acknowledging the importance of trust and love at a time of difficulty and uncertainty, the exhibition considers the role artists can play in developing ideas of togetherness through collaboration and stepping out of comfort zones. Curated by Celina Loh for her remote curatorial residency with The AntiMA Brighton.

All or Nothing, a drawing workshop by Zoe Toolan
Felt making: on the white cube, a felt-making workshop by Stephanie Crechriou

Exhibiting artists:
Yang-En Hume, Zoe Toolan, Stephanie Crechriou, Rosie Munro Kerr, Grace Slater, Anthony Gorin, Jules Allan, Patrick Turner-Lee, Charlotte Still