PLAY (2017)

Hin Bus Depot, Penang, Malaysia
1 – 18 April 2017

PLAY foregrounds the idea of play and imagination, which are often neglected or forgotten. As play tends to be associated with children, play becomes distant as adults forget that they are allowed to play as they cope with adulting.

Displaying participatory works and events including stitching and painting workshops, musical performances and stand up comedy, PLAY highlights how artists seek out creative strategies to address aesthetics and conceptual issues – while art making is a serious undertaking, play and imagination are crucial aspects in learning and problem solving. The works and events utilise play in order to construct meaning in collaboration with the visitors, creating avenues for new meanings and knowledge to be formed.

Exhibiting artists:
Lusy Koror, Mary Tang, Mandy Maung, Philip Hemnell, Charis Loke, Winnie Cheng, Esther Geh, Sarah Tan, Kevin Ooi, Zeon Teo, Jiin Horng, Loo Yih Charn.

Workshops by KD Trainer, Marie Lee, Lee Loo Yih Charn, Krisztina Mezosi. 
Comedy by Miss M, Garu Rumon Hanno Frank.
Music by Lim Teng Aik, Chun Howe, Bos Band.

Co-curated by Celina Loh and Little Art House (LAH) Studios.