No horizon, no edge to liquid (2020)

No horizon, no edge to liquid
Zabludowicz Collection, London UK2
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No horizon, no edge to liquid explores the concept of cultural hybridity as a space in which cultures meet: where bridges are built between societies through the processes of communication, negotiation, and translation. The exhibition includes work by thirteen artists, all of whom were born outside North America or continental Europe, although many have since immigrated there. Encompassing a diverse array of media – painting, sculpture, video and installation – the exhibition explores how varying forms of hybridity can manifest through artworks: it might be expressed through materiality, the blending of traditional and new media, the dialogue between two cultures, or the interplay between art/craft, high/low or popular/elite.

Exhibiting artists: Nam June Paik, Seth Price, Raqib Shaw, Alvaro Barrington, Francis Upritchard, Hiraki Sawa, Laura Lima, Richard Ayodeji Ikhide, Mohamed Namou, Nobuko Tsuchiya, Saya Woolfalk, Varda Caivano, Nir Evron

 Public programmes:
• Drawing workshop by Richard Ayodeji Ikhide
• Series of four reading groups, looking at critical and fictional texts relating to cultural hybridity
• Curator’s tour

Curated by Rosa Vertov, Krishna Balakrishnan, Katerina Cuprova, Celina Loh, Hao Long and Gaia Maggio for Testing Ground 2020