h(u)man (2019)

Intervention within Wake Up Together exhibition by Ren Hang
Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool UK
7 February 2019

h(u)man was a one night intervention within Open Eye Gallery’s Wake Up Together exhibition, which featured photographer Ren Hang’s work of Chinese sexuality in a heavily censored society. Showcasing a diverse array of works about identity, gender, AI and the body, the intervention encourages visitors to reflect on what makes us human in the 21st century – a time when society becomes more complex with globalisation and technology evolves to make our lives more convenient but we grow ever more distant.

Conceived by Ruth Monks and Celina Loh. Co-curated as part of Up North Arts, a collective based in Lancaster.

Exhibited artists:
Courtney Helsby, Ross Davies & Megan Teece Round, Aiden Handley-Griggs, Alice Sherlock, Annarin Chal, Bethany Lee, Charlotte Landrum, Daisy Williamson, Ellie Sainsbury, Euan MacDonald, Joanne Fulton, Kirsten Davis, Leonie Robertshaw, Lucy Gonnella, Megan Bowyer, Nathalie Brockmeyer-Jones, Pablo Rubio, Aoibhin Maguire.