Home is where the ART is – pt.2 (2017)

Home is where the ART is (pt.2)
9 – 12 November 2017
84 Dallas road, Lancaster, UK

Home is where the ART is (pt.2) comments on the condition of space and ownership: a foundation of the community, showcasing a selection of artists from the Up North Arts collective. Within the show, the home transforms itself from living room, to gallery space and back again, settling in a midpoint where artworks and architecture collide. Ideas of homeliness are challenged by the art object, following the conventions of contemporary craft.

Featuring experimental works that are nestled in-between objects of our daily lives, the exhibition aims to highlight how we experience artwork differently in a domestic context. It also featured Lancaster Poetry Cafe, a series of live spoken word performances, moving throughout the exhibition space amongst the artworks.

Co-curated as part of Up North Arts (UNA), hosted at Paula Kolar’s house. Home is where the ART is (pt.2) is a series of exhibitions in the domestic space which started in 2016, commenting on the condition of space and ownership as a foundation of the community.