Immersio: Mengukir (2022)

Commissioned by Filamen and Yayasan TM to write the exhibition text, artwork descriptions and artist bios. Returning after 2 years, Immersio opens with the theme ‘Mengukir’ (to carve in English), exploring how new media forms and digital technologies carve new opportunities to create more meaningful and accessible relationships between people, Malaysia’s cultural heritage and the world.

Minority Blues (2022)

Minority Blues, published by Shuren Press, contains short stories and poems pertaining to the other on the fringes of normative society, whether it be due to their prevailing socio-economic background, their sexual orientation or gender identification, having an unpopular political view, being mentally ill, or simply just being an immigrant in a foreign land.

Blunt Blades (2021)

Often provocative, artist Arabel Lebrusan engages with material culture and the feminine tactile environment, looking into wider issues of power relationships, exploitation and inequality. Blunt Blades extends Lebrusan’s study on material culture, exploring our complex relationships with knives and their varied roles.

Encountering Mass Men (2021)

Commissioned by Wei-Ling Gallery, published on the exhibition catalogue and Art&Market Singapore. We may think we know Choy Chun Wei’s works — feel that with his use of printed materials from our consumer era that we understand them — and take pride in our ability to access his hybrid world that is based on the fourfold schema of artist and object, the media and the mind.

Audience or publics?: discrepancy between claims made around addressing broader publics and the realities of target audiences (2020)

Looking at site specific exhibitions in the public and institutional context, the paper suggests that the rise of pseudo-public spaces accompanied with its set conditions introduces more questions about public and audiences than it answers – specifically how they lead to bigger issues of mediated publics and diffused audiences in the backdrop of technological and media advancements, alongside changes in Europe with Brexit.

Objectivity: a constellation of ideas, objects and people

Published to coincide with the exhibition as research Objectivity: a constellation of ideas, objects and people. Co-written by Celina Loh, Dana Chan, Gu Ni, Jiaying Gao, Lisa Logotheti, Qinru Zhou, Reece Woodhams, Seowon Nam and Shin-Hung Liu. Edited by Celina Loh and Dana Chan.