In and Beyond the Studio (2022)

In and Beyond the Studio is an end of residency exhibition showcasing the works of artists Alecia Neo, Arabel Lebrusan and Latifah A.Stranack who work in very different ways. The exhibition journeys in and beyond the artists’ studios, showcasing a selection of finished outputs alongside documentation of how the artists execute their ideas – highlighting the different methods and processes that shape the works.

Nineteen Forty – 2022 (2022)

Nineteen Forty – 2022 is an end of training residency exhibition showcasing works by Pablo Paillole, Yasmine Aminanda, Abdul Shakir and Charlie Fitz. The exhibition explores our relationship with the past and how this informs the way we view ourselves, others, and build the future. The presented works use archival structures as a tool for questioning the worlds we find ourselves within.

Immersio: Mengukir (2022)

Commissioned by Filamen and Yayasan TM to write the exhibition text, artwork descriptions and artist bios. Returning after 2 years, Immersio opens with the theme ‘Mengukir’ (to carve in English), exploring how new media forms and digital technologies carve new opportunities to create more meaningful and accessible relationships between people, Malaysia’s cultural heritage and the world.

Let’s talk about making art practices more accessible! (2022)

Let’s talk about making art practices more accessible! A conversation with Celina Loh and Francesca Bellini-Joseph. Come and meet Celina and learn about the personal experiences that inspired her to create ‘In Transit’, how art projects could be more inclusive and what’s next in her journey. There will be a practical exercise.

Minority Blues (2022)

Minority Blues, published by Shuren Press, contains short stories and poems pertaining to the other on the fringes of normative society, whether it be due to their prevailing socio-economic background, their sexual orientation or gender identification, having an unpopular political view, being mentally ill, or simply just being an immigrant in a foreign land.

Despite Extractivism (2022)

Despite Extractivism assembles expressions of care, creativity and community in relation to diverse extractive contexts. The works in Despite Extractivism illuminate and explore ways of questioning, subverting and resisting the violent logics and impacts of extractivism

Blunt Blades (2021)

Often provocative, artist Arabel Lebrusan engages with material culture and the feminine tactile environment, looking into wider issues of power relationships, exploitation and inequality. Blunt Blades extends Lebrusan’s study on material culture, exploring our complex relationships with knives and their varied roles.

The artists behind the Vans X MOCA Collection (2021)

Commissioned by The Art Seni and VANS Malaysia. An exclusive, free art tour looking at the works and practices of The Artists Behind The Vans and MOCA’s collection. The tour will explore 6 artworks by artists Dr. Judy Baca, Frances Stark and Brenna Youngblood, featured in the latest Vans collection.

Blunt Blades Online (2021)

Blunt Blades is a project by artist Arabel Lebrusan which centres on our complex relationships with knives, exploring whether the meanings of objects can be re-established via material transformation and contextualisation. Curated and produced the online exhibition for Blunt Blades Exhibition and Blunt Blades Exchange, in tandem with the physical exhibition held at The Higgins Bedford.